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Tourist holidays in Lumio

The sublime village of Pieve d’Aregno in La Balagne, Lumio is less than 10 km from the citadel of Calvi.
Bright and picturesque, the village of Lumio dates from the 15th century.
The old town is a maze of narrow streets and pedestrian paths.
It has several churches and chapels, including the baroque church of Santa-Maria with its 36-meter steeple.
So as you can see, on your next holiday in Corsica, you should visit the little village of Lumio.

Visit this authentic Corsican village

Lumio’s 17 km of coastline alternates between rocks, coves, and sand and pebble beaches.
The customs trail that follows the coastline is a great way to explore Lumio.
You will discover the old Genoese towers guarding the city, Caldanu, Spano and Lomellini.
The top of the tower of Spano offers a remarkable panorama of the bay.
In the heights, the abandoned village of Occi is a staple of the region.

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Outings in the village of Lumio in Corsica

Pearl of Haute-Corse, the typical village of Lumio is rich with natural and cultural heritage.
There are several restaurants in the center where you can try local products.
Other institutions are scattered along the coast. The Caffè di a Mossa is famous with locals.
The village of Occi is a must-see: a nice hour-long family hike will take you to the ruins, from which you have a panoramic view of the Mediterranean. At sunset, the view is particularly sublime.
Don’t miss the rejuvenating Lumio botanical garden.
Close to the picturesque Corsican village, the Algajola citadel is worth the detour.
For a complete trip to Lumio and its surroundings, we also recommend visiting the Alzipratu winery in Zilia for a tasting.

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