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Balagne: Corsican region with contrasting landscapes

The Balagne, the famous region of Upper Corsica, has the fortune of being among the most fertile areas of the island, thanks to both the diversity of its agriculture and to the influx of tourists who appreciate these magnificent landscapes.
You can’t visit Corsica without exploring La Balagne in Haute-Corse.

La Balagne: between sea and mountains

Indeed, the Balagne is distinguished by two special attractions: the presence of the Mediterranean Sea and of the mountain peaks that soar up to 2000 metres.
Thus the land is rich with marine sediment, allowing the cultivation of the olive trees, citrus fruits, and chestnuts which today still create the wealth of its inhabitants.

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La Balagne

Many villages, some of them perched on unlikely summits, were created around these crops. Today, they give Balagne its unique identity, one of authenticity and a rich cultural, gastronomic and traditional heritage.

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Love and respect for tradition

Corsican campsite Balagne villages
The villages of Balagne

The particularity of the Balagne villages lies in the fact that, despite the many tourists who travel its steep roads and hilly paths, nothing has changed. No concrete constructions or large tourist traps, just the enhancement and preservation of popular and traditional culture.

Corsican campsite the balagne an exceptional market
An exceptional market

Thus, in Calvi, Île Rousse or Lumio one still easily finds the food products that are traditionally made by artisans who have transmitted their values from generation to generation while opening onto the exceptional market offered by the many tourists.

The initiatives of groups of artisans, such as that of Corsicada in Lumio, allow all these small traders to continue to make their living from their craft without losing the charm of its authenticity.

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Corsican camping the balagne Sant'Antonio


Sant’Antonio, peaking at 450 metres of altitude, offers the visitor sublime panoramas of La Balagne coast. The village can be visited on foot or by donkey for a more exotic touch!
When leaving Lumio, don’t miss the climb to the abandoned village of Occi, where a half hour walk will offer you a breathtaking view that you won’t forget!

campsite Corsica the balagne village Speloncato


Speloncato is a small village perched at 600 metres altitude. You will have to walk the 6.5 km to get to this little gem in the clouds to discover the real Corsican paradise! Typical and wild, when the evening comes to the village after the heat of the day, the elders take their places on the benches while the young ones play happily… By now you will have understood that to discover all the hidden treasures of the beautiful region of La Balagne you shouldn’t hesitate to get off the beaten track!

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