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High-end services at Corsica campsite

The entire campsite has both a free Wifi network, and reception has a computer with internet access. We also send out mail every morning.
Our sanitary facilities are cleaned several times a day. They also include laundry facilities and a baby changing table.
We make our guests’ safety a priority with gates with badge access at the entrance, security cameras, and one night security guard in the off-season and three in July and August.
We have quiet hours and vehicles must park at the night parking lot between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM.

Camping services in Calvi

Therefore, at the campsite, you’ll find showers and restrooms that are cleaned several times a day for your convenience. Taking a shower in a perfect place, isn’t that a very important and necessary comfort that any vacationer should have access to?
The campground also has a laundry area to make your life easier and to let you avoid the traditional chore of the family laundry outing!
Of course, we thought of the hygiene of our littlest ones and the comfort of their parents by installing a baby changing station in our common areas, so there’s no need to act like contortionists on the floor. Even the smallest beavers matter!
And of course we haven’t forgotten our guests’ need to stay connected, with a free Wifi network throughout the campsite and a computer with internet access at reception.
For more traditional writers, we send out mail every morning.

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Campground Safety

Of course Les Castors Campground ensures complete safety and tranquility for your vacation. Therefore, we are equipped with barriers, a badge system at the entrance, cameras, and also one night-watchman in the off-season and two in July and August. So you can sleep in complete serenity. Our guards watch over you and your belongings!

In addition, we hope that peace is observed at certain times of the day to ensure our guests relaxation and serenity. Therefore, we have reserved parking at night for the vehicles of people who wish to enter the campground between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM.
Finally for our younger campers, both game areas next to the pool are secure. However, the best security for them is always the watchful eyes of their parents!

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