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Sightseeing tour of Haute-Corse

Is it almost time for your holiday in Corsica? Don’t miss your chance to visit Haute-Corse!
Between historical cities, beautiful beaches, exceptional natural sites and charming villages, Haute-Corse has an infinite number of places and feelings to discover.
You’ll be right next to Calvi, the citadel, the tower, the cathedral and the one-time palace of Genoese governors, La Balagne near Ile-Rousse is full of small picturesque villages and swaths of wilderness.

Discover the Haute-Corse Region

On the central ridge, south of Corte, Mount Oro is very popular with hikers for its beautiful panoramic views.
Ascending Mount Cinto is also a must for good walkers, as well as the glacial valley of Restonica and Lake Bastiani on Mount Renoso.
Take the Cap Corse route from Bastia to discover marinas nestled in coves, white sand beaches, villages perched on the cliffs and gorgeous panoramas.

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Haute-Corse Travel Guide

In the heart of preserved nature and many gorgeous sites, Bastia, Corte, Calvi and other typical villages have exceptional architectural heritage.
In Calvi don’t miss the citadel, the Saint-Jean-Baptiste cathedral, Notre-Dame-de-la-Serra church, the Sagonne bishops’ house, or the tower in the port.
If you take the Route des Artisans de Balagne, you will pass through the most beautiful villages of the back-country and discover local ancestral traditions.
In Corte, don’t miss the citadel, the Corsica Museum, or the surrounding natural sites: the gorges of Restonica, the lake of Capitello, or the gorges of Tavignano.
Finally in Bastia, there are several cultural sites, you can visit neighborhoods and monuments: don’t miss the Bastia Museum, Sainte-Marie church, Sainte-Croix chapel, the Oratoire de l’Immaculée-Conception, and the market.
The coast of Haute-Corse, both on the Tyrrhenian Sea side and the Mediterranean Sea side, has the most beautiful dive spots in the country, gorgeous beaches where you can swim and lie in the sun, and marinas with various water-based activities.

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Haute-Corse Travel Guide

  • In the heart of a preserved nature with many essential sites, Bastia, Corte, Calvi, and many typical villages have an exceptional built heritage.
  • Among the visits not to be missed at Calvi are the citadelle, Saint-Jean-Baptiste cathedral, Notre-Dame-de-la Serra church, the palace of the bishops of Sagone, or the salt tower on the port.
  • The Balagne craftsmen’s route takes you through the most beautiful villages in the hinterland to discover ancestral local know-how.
  • In Corte, don’t miss the citadel, the museum of Corsica, as well as the natural sites around: the Restonica gorges, the Capitello or Melo lakes, or the Tavignano gorges.
  • Finally, on the side of Bastia, several cultural sites, districts and monuments are also to be discovered: among the must-see attractions are the Bastia Museum, the Church of St. Mary, the Chapel of the Holy Cross, the Oratory of the Immaculate Conception, and the market square.
  • The coast of Upper Corsica, both on the Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean sides, has the most beautiful diving spots in the country, many heavenly beaches where you can swim and relax, and marine areas offering a wide variety of water sports activities.
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