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Visit of Ile Rousse and its region

Built at the turn of the 19th century by Pascal Paoli on a bay surrounded by red rocks, Ile Rousse is a gem of Haute-Corse with a remarkable historical, cultural and natural heritage.
Today the 3rd-busiest port in Corsica, Ile Rousse is a dynamic city in La Balagne, whose straight cobblestone streets outline Place Paoli.
Choose a holiday in Corsica with family or friends, and explore Ile Rousse!

Discover the Ile Rousse Region

It is connected by a road to Ile de la Pietra, a rocky island that has become a peninsula with a breathtaking view of the coast and the Mediterranean.
With its white sand beach, shady squares and covered market, its fortified homes and Florentine houses, churches and old Franciscan convent, Ile Rousse is a rejuvenating change of scenery. Ferries from cities on the mainland such as Toulon, Marseille, Nice and Vado Ligure dock at its port.
Once a small fishing port, the town has conserved its relaxing atmosphere conducive to your well-being.

Visiting Ile Rousse, a city with major historical and cultural heritage

By foot, Segway or small train, there are many ways to explore Ile Rousse.
You can take a guided tour of the Paoline town and discover its history and secrets.
Also don’t miss the La Pietra lighthouse, accessible by a foot path or on the little train.
From there you will have a unique panoramic view of the bay.
The covered market is also great to visit, both because of its architecture and because of the variety of farm-fresh and local products available.
Artists exhibit their work there in the evening. Perfect for a trip with the family, Saleccia Park is a relaxing haven of mesmerizing scents.
Many events and activities are offered, especially for children. Also to see are the monuments to the town’s religious heritage such as the La Miséricorde church, the Immaculée-Conception church surrounded by giant palm trees, and the calm and serene Saint-Dominique convent, that overlooks the city.

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What to do in Île Rousse?

On foot, on Segway or by mini-train, Île-Rousse can be discovered in several ways, always pleasantly.
Guided tours of the city paoline are organized, which allow you to discover its history and secrets.
Not to be missed during your stay at Ile Rousse, the lighthouse of the Pietra accessible by a footpath or by small train.
Its visit promises you a unique panoramic view of the bay.
The covered market is also a place of interest, both in terms of its architecture and the variety of farm and local products on offer on the shelves.
Painters exhibit their works in the evening. Ideal for a family walk , Saleccia Park is a resourcing haven with enchanting scents.
Many animations and activities are available, especially for children. Also worth seeing are the monuments of religious heritage such as the Church of Mercy, the Church of the Immaculate Conception lined with huge palm trees, or the calm and serene convent of Saint Dominic, located in a magnificent setting overlooking the city.

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Visit of the Pietra Lighthouse on Île Rousse

Did you know that? Ile Rousse owes its name to the orange colour of its porphyry rocks. If you have the chance to stay or spend time there, don’t miss the magnificent Pietra peninsula.
A beautiful hike along the A Marinella promenade, punctuated by magnificent panoramas, will take you (preferably with good shoes) to the famous Pietra Lighthouse.
Traces of human life dating back more than 6000 years BC have been found at this site, the highest point on the island.
The lighthouse itself was built around 1875.
Included in the national heritage inventory, it is part of the island’s lighting system. It has the particularity of being fully automated and powered by solar panels.
It will offer you a unique view of the coast bathed in transparent waters and the nearby islets: Roccio, Roccetto and Piano.

phare de la Pietra à l'île Rousse

Les plages de l’île Rousse

Ile Rousse is a dream destination for lovers of beautiful white sandy beaches. It will be difficult to choose from our selection:

  • Plage Napoléon – plage Marinella: bordered by numerous restaurants and the beautiful promenade Marinella, the beach Napoléon is the closest to the city centre, along boulevard Charles-Marie Savelli and next to the port. Relatively narrow, it offers a gentle slope and a good shelter from the wind. Note: private restaurants and beaches are installed there, only the ends of Napoleon Beach are public ;
  • Plage de Caruchettu: it is a continuation of Napoleon Beach. Scattered with some rocks and coves, it is a little more frequented on the side of the car park that adjoins it on the left ;
  • Plage de la Digue : it is a small beach of fine sand well protected by the Pietra peninsula that faces it and therefore offers a very nice view ;
  • Ghjunchitu Beach – Corbara: 5 km southwest of the island are the 500 meters of this beautiful beach of fine sand bordered by scrubland. Less frequented than the beaches of the city centre, it benefits from an idyllic environment ;
  • Plage de Bodri de Corbara: 5 km west of the island’s city centre, it is located very close to the preserved natural site of the Pointe de Ginebre. Its 400 metres of fine sand and transparent water, its easy access make it a corner of paradise.
plage de l'île Rousse